A framework for blogging

Blogging frameworkBrian Kelly has a couple of posts from people who attended the blogging workshop that Brian and Kara Jones ran recently, which reminded me of some interesting work which was has been carried out over the past year led by Cindy Kerawalla and Shailey Minocha. They evaluated a range of student blogs as a means of then considering how this information might be used in teaching. They came up with a really nice framework.

Their analysis gave a flavour of the different ways in which students are using and structuring their blogs and the framework consists of four main themes:
• Audience: who is the blog for (ranging for intraspective, personal reflection through to promotion/dissemination)
• Community (what community does the blog belong to)
• Comments (to what extent does the blogger want active discussion with others)
• Presentation (what is the style of the blog, how formal or informal is it)

Cindy and Shailey have lots of interesting publications coming out of this work; one example was a research paper at this year’s ALT-C. Unfortunately I can’t find the full research proceedings anywhere on the ALT website :-(, but here is a link to the abstract and the presentation which was given by Gill Kirkup on behalf of the research team.

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