A matter of interpretation

mariaToday is the final day of the Italian e-learning society conference in Salerno. It’s always interesting to get an insight into e-learning research and development activities in other countries – to compare similarities and notice differences.

Mine was the only talk in English, so my host Maria Rosaria D’Esposito had very kindly arranged for me to have two interpreters. I was amazed by how they were able to keep up with the complex range of technical discussions and the speed of the presentation.

It made a big difference to feel more directly connected with the conference – so my thanks to Gabriella Rammairone and Maria Graziani.

The talk enabled me to work up some ideas I have been mulling over in terms of the relationship between policy and practice, and to put forward an e-learning policy framework as describmandged in the previous post.

I used our own work on Cloudworks and Olnet as illustrative case studies of how policy, practice and research can be more closely aligned.  As always having attended the conference I go away, having had the change to reconnect with colleagusalernoes – it was great to see Lorenzo Cantoni from Lugano again, make new friends, and gain a few new ideas and insights. And it has to be said Salerno is a pretty nice location to boot. Only problem is I have my Spanish oral exam next week, so four days immersion in Italian is maybe not such a good idea from that respect….

The image is a view of the bay of Salerno, which is a lovely town about an hour south of Naples. On the last evening I went out with Maria and a couple of her colleagues and had one of the best Pastas I have ever had! “Foglie D’Ulivo” - yum! Cooked some last night at home with a fresh pesto sauce which seemed to go down well!

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