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educational considerations
One of the four projects I have been acting as a critical friend to as part of the HE Academy e-learning pathfinder programme is Brunel University. One of the outputs of their project is a really nice booklet called ‘Educational considerations for blended learning’. The introduction begins:
Educational Considerations for Blended Learning is a resource booklet written to assist lecturers in their teaching and their ambitions to create a rich and meaningful blended learning environment for our student.     

It focuses on eight educational considerations which teachers should consider when designing courses. Each one is described and supported by evidence from the literature of how this has been used effectively to promote innovative teaching. The description of each one begins by stating clearly what the benefit is for the student of adopting this approach. It then goes on to map different tools in terms of how they can be used to promote these different educational approaches. I think it’s a great resource – visually appealing and pitched at the right level of detail, treatment but also a lovely example of getting across good pedagogy and innovative application of technology. This is part of Brunel’s pathfinder project ENTICE (Encouraging Taching Innovation in a Computerised Environment), stomach Julia Stephenson is the main author with contributions from others in the team. Brunel are planning to make this available more widely, I’ll sent round the URL when they do. reflection 

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