Top Edtech startups 2021


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This article lists the following edtech startups for 2021.


·      Tech-enabled immersive learning

·      K-12 homeschooling startups

·      E-learning

·      Accessible education

·      AI-enabled adaptive learning

·      Gamification

·      Google everything

·      Accelerating investments in edtech


This article argues that edtech startups have the potential to reinvent the online classroom. The pandemic has led to more educators using conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet. These tools can help address the following issues:


·      Large class sizes where students don’t feel comfortable or capable of asking questions or interacting with others

·      Students can become bored, distracted or frustrated

·      Teaching mainly done through virtual presentation with little class participation or group work

·      Teachers feel overwhelmed trying to connect with students through technology that isn’t built for teaching and learning

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