Webinar: Creating engaging conference abstracts


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Yesterday I ran a workshop on ‘Creating engaging conference abstracts’. There was good participation (about 15 people) and lots of interaction. Here is a summary of some of the key discussion points. I asked participants what their experience was of attending conferences, what was good and what was not so good. Here are some of the comments.


Getting an outside view of your work

Conferences are a great way of getting to meet others working in a similar space – opportunities to find out interesting and relevant stuff others are working on

Networking, sharing ideas and gathering feedback

Participation varies depending on the size. Smaller conference I am more at ease to network, mingle. Larger conferences I find a bit challenging

Always lovely to meet people in real-life who are part of my online network

At a large conference you really have to plan ahead and be strategic about which sessions you attend and perhaps debrief with colleagues at the end of each day who may have attended other sessions

Use the conference app and follow the Twitter hashtag. For our conference follow #WCOL2019 to keep up to date


It was a really enjoyable session and I hope participants found it useful. The session was recorded.

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