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Saturday, January 10th, 2015


I am currently in Dubai running a three-day workshop for CLICKS. Today’s focus was on the 7Cs of Learning Design. Good evaluation overall.

Good evaluation of the design workshop today:
Three words:

  • Active, creative and focused
  • Interesting, interactive and though-provoking
  • Interesting, innovative and full!
  • Interactive (activity-based), enlightening (even in my own space), tiring
  • Informative, networking and yumm
  • Invigorating, inspiring and innovative
  • Interesting, informative and interactive
  • Contextual, interactive and timely
  • Structured, resource-rich and stimulating


Things I liked:

  • Evaluation 7Cs framework
  • Online tools to help storyboard and plan
  • Group work, discussions, sorting and thinking about course features
  • Resource audit
  • Design workshop, course map, course features
  • Resources
  • Cards activity for course features, activity profile
  • Course features
  • Printed material
  • Lots of materials to refer back to, different tools people are using – wikis, blogs, google docs
  • Lots of references, informative, applicable
  • Activity profile is a very good tool, resource audit was an eye opener

Room for improvement:

  • It would help to email participants in advance and ask them for their expectations so that the workshop could be more aligned to expectations
  • A look at how design can impact corporate training programmes, especially in an international market
  • List contacts for participants
  • More time to practice, include recaping
  • Some works in manual need definitions
  • A few more quick and easy apps and templates
  • Use of techy devices such as ipods, iphones in classroom sessions

Action plan:

  • Create resource audit
  • Design simplified format for course design
  • Online workshop for course design
  • Review slides and visit websites, share new ideas with team, try to apply 2 – 3 new ideas to next course design
  • Use online discussion forums, social media
  • Incorporate tools in course plans and present back to other staff, look at blogs and reference materials
  • Look at how learning design may impact actual programme development at my workplace
  • Invite Grainne to be a friend on fb!
  • Recaping, more time to practice
  • Need to relook at few of our courses with a fresh pair of glasses (course features, activity profile, resource audit)
  • Go back to online resource and go through them (think about how to use them), go through my notes in the book, check links