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Learning Designs

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

I am writing a book which will be published by Routledge. It provides a description of a range of designs around the 7Cs of Learning Design framework. So far I have 81 designs which are listed below. Any more suggestions for things to include do let me know!

Each learning design is anticipated to be around 2 -4 pages and consists of the following components:

·      Overview

·      Description

·      Figure

·      Example

·      Benefits

·      Time needed to implement


1.      Case studies: HEA case studies of good practice

2.      Case studies: LAMS Activity Planner

3.      Design view: Course dimensions

4.      Design view: Course features

5.      Design view: Course map

6.      Design view: Course performance view

7.      Design view: Course view: Pedagogical principles

8.      Design view: Design lifecycle

9.      Design view: Financial view

10.   Design view: Learning outcomes

11.   Design view: Pedagogy profile

12.   Design view: Pedagogy to technology map

13.   Design view: Resource audit

14.   Design view: Storyboard

15.   Design view: Task swimlane

16.   Digital literacies

17.   Framework: 7Cs of Learning Design

18.   Framework: Communication and interaction

19.   Framework: Communities of Inquiry

20.   Framework: Communities of Practice

21.   Framework: Community Indicators framework

22.   Framework: Constructivism framework

23.   Framework: Conversational framework

24.   Framework: E-Moderating framework

25.   Framework: Educational Design

26.   Framework: Pedagogy framework

27.   Framework: Personal Inquiry framework

28.   Framework: REAP framework

29.   Framework: Research-Policy intervention framework

30.   Guidelines: An overview of learning design

31.   Guidelines: Educause 7 things you should know about

32.   Guidelines: Facets of learning

33.   Guidelines: Olnet diagram

34.   Guidelines: OPAL guidelines

35.   Guidelines: Using OER repositories

36.   LMS template: Calendar view

37.   LMS template: Problem-Based Learning

38.   LMS template: Project/Case study view

39.   LMS template: Topic view

40.   Pedagogical Pattern: Discussion group

41.   Pedagogical Pattern: Jigsaw

42.   Pedagogical Pattern: Pyramid

43.   Pedagogical Pattern: Think Pair Share

44.   Pedagogical Pattern: SEMINARS (Ped Patterns Project))

45.   Pedagogical Pattern: Learning to teach and learning to learn (Ped Patterns Project)

46.   Pedagogical Pattern: Fourteen Pedagogical Patterns (Ped Patterns Project)

47.   Pedagogical Pattern: Brainstorming

48.   Pedagogical Pattern: Simulation

49.   Pedagogical Pattern: Thinking aloud pair problem solving

50.   Pedagogical Pattern: Enriching the learning process

51.   Principles: Merrill’s Principles of Instructional Design

52.   Principles: SKG Designing for learning spaces principles

53.   Taxomony: Learning Activity Taxonomy

54.   Taxonomy: Bloom’s Taxonomy

55.   Tool: CADMOS

56.   Tool: Cloudworks

57.   Tool: CompendiumLD

58.   Tool: LAMS

59.   Tool: Learning Designer

60.   Tool: MOT+

61.   Tool: Phoebe

62.   Tool: WebCollage

63.   Toolkit: 8LEM

64.   Toolkit: Cognet toolkit

65.   Toolkit: HEARTS toolkit

66.   Toolkit: Media Advisor

67.   Workshop: 7Cs of Learning Design

68.   Workshop: Carpe Diem

69.   Workshop: Design challenge

70.   Workshop: OER

71.   Workshop: Pedagogical Patterns

72.   Workshop: Tools for deign

73.   Personas

74.   3E framework

75.   Merrill’s 5 design principles

76.   Constructivist Learning Environments

77.   The nQuire framework

78.   3D pedagogy framework

79.   The 6 design frames

80.   A framework for Web 2.0 Learning Design

81.   Community of Inquiry framework