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Innovations at DCU

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012


I’ve just returned from a few days in Dublin, buy cialis where I was doing some work at Dublin City University (DCU). On Monday, I met with the President of DCU Brian MacCraith. We had an excellent conversation covering a wide range of aspects of the use of technology to support learning. Brian outlined their plans to set up a new Centre for Digital Learning, which sounds really exciting. So it will be interesting to see how things move forward at DCU as a result. I ran a two-hour Masterclass in the afternoon on learning design. I was expecting about 30 people, whereas in reality there were more than 90! We managed to have a good session nonetheless, with a number of interactive activities, such as: brainstorming the characteristics and implications of new technologies, exploring people’s personal digital learning environments, their views on Facebook and other social media,  and the how to ruin a course activity. They also had a chance to explore some of our learning design conceptual tools – such as the pedagogy/activity profile. On Tuesday I gave a keynote entitled ‘Social and participatory media and new digital literacies’ as a prelude to DCU’s annual teaching and learning awards. I was impressed with the range of innovations created by those who were shortlisted and it was great to hear the testimonials from their students. Overall it was a good trip and it was great to get some insight into what DCU is doing and their vision for the future. An institution to watch I think.