OUA Marketing Opportunities Report


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In January I did some work for the Open University of Australia for their Marketing Opportunities Overview. Open Universities Australia’s (OUA) focus is on the opportunities associated with OUA’s digital marketplace and growing the participation of Australian Universities to enable greater choice for more students. The document aims to: 

  • Provide insights in to what their students are looking for, as well as what is happening in the broader landscape to assist with planning and decision making around new programs for 2019.
  • Provide information on doing business with OUA and the various mechanisms we have in place?to encourage greater participation in the marketplace.

My section was on explore the market horizon and in particular how an evolving technology, combined with an increasingly sophisticated consumer, continues to shape the environment in which education is delivered. My contact at OUA sent me the proofs to the report; it is certainly substantial and has lots of interesting and insightful material. The report should be out next mouth after which I hope I can write a blog post summarizing my section. 

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