International Women’s Day



Debbie Holley from Bournemouth University has asked me to give a talk at their International Women’s Day on 8th March. I remember doing something very similar at Bath Spa University a few years ago. In the talk I reflected on the key moments and challenges associated with my career and in particular the transition from Chemistry to e-learning. It was a really interesting talk to do; it was nice to have the opportunity to reflect on my career. Overall I have been extremely lucky; I have been involved with great project, worked with fantastic people and traveled all over the world. Talking to Debbie this morning about the focus of the talk, she asked me to articulate the challenges and opportunities associated with my work and my career. She also wants me to emphasis the importance and value of being part of an international community of peers, through conferences and relevant professional bodies. To this I would add the value of using social media effectively, and certainly I value my network of colleagues and friends through social media such as facebook and Twitter. I’m really looking forward to the event and hope there will be time to have a conversation after the talk. 

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