UCISA conference

HeidiI’m currently at the UCISA conference in Southampton, having been suggested as a speaker by Heidi Fraser-Krauss (pictured here with David Sweeney from Royal Holloway). I don’t normally go to UCISA conferences but it’s been really interesting getting a different take on the issues associated with use of technologies from an institutional support perspective. In my talk yesterday I used some of our learner experience research as a means of looking at the implications of new technologies (and the ways in which students are using them) on institutional IT infrastructure and support. I finished with the following slide outlining what I think are the key challenges facing institutions. Heidi and I are both members of JISC’s Organisational Support committee which deals with a lot of these issues in the programme of work it manages. The first bullet point for the terms of reference encapsulates the focus of what JOS covers  ”investigate the human, organisational and legal issues related to the use of ICT in further and higher education and research”. As an aside the after dinner speaker was Dennis Taylor - I normally hate after dinner speakers but I have to say Dennis was hilarious!!!


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