The hidden dangers of Web 2.0

Just came across the following presentation from Stuart Lee  which outlines some of the potential negatives about Web 2.0.

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  1. AJ Cann Says:

    Ooh, the IT crowd are scared now! Most of these “hazards” are spurious. Educating students about online privacy is a good idea, but many are already happy with multiple online personalities (screen names) already.

    Facebook is another matter, but I can’t see much educational value there anyway (beyond marketing) - for God’s sake leave students some social spaces without trying to stalk them and shove learning down their throats!

    Mr Angry.

  2. Gráinne Says:

    Lol!!! I wasn’t necessarily endorsing Stewart’s view - it’s just interesting to see different people’s takes and concerns on things.
    Miss “trying to be very calming” ;-)

  3. Brian Kelly Says:

    Please note that Stuart Lee’s talk will be given on Monday 26 November at the UKOLN workshop on
    Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs And Social Networks.

    I asked Stuart to outline some of the potential problems and concerns associated with the provision of blogs and social networks, which will then inform the subsequent discussion groups.

    This context needs to be borne in mind when viewing Stuart’s slides.

    BTW as described on the workshop wiki the talks will the streamed live on Monday, and will also be available in Second Life. SIgn up if you are interested.

    Brian Kelly UKOLN

  4. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks Brian - really helpful to get the context for Stewart’s talk. I think its important that we are constantly critically reflective about all this stuff - seems to me there are nearly always pros and cons with each and every technology along with a batch of unintended good and bad consequences!!!

  5. Stuart Lee Says:

    It would be wrong to say we are scared, and the idenitification of an ‘IT crowd’ is clearly tongue-in-cheek - after all without the IT crowd you wouldn’t have web 2.0 (or 1.0 for that matter). And if anyone seriously thinks concerns about privacy are ’spurious’ (in this week of all weeks!) then one begins to wonder …

    The points (I hope) of my talk are: 1) to say it’s here and what will the impact of it be; 2) do we need to worry at all; 3) do your users need to careful about any aspects of it and if so what should we do to help them; 4) the political impact of web 2.0 applications and why it goes beyond just the concern of the IT services.

    Anyway, as Brian stated, these are just slides. For all anyone knows I may be standing up and saying everything written on this slide is nonsense.


  6. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks Stewart - you’ve raised some good points - as I posted this week I think there are always pros and cons to these things and unintended consequences. Yes technologies have tremendous potential but we also needed to be critical and aware that there may be unintended consequences arising from their use.

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  8. Gill Ferrell Says:

    Came across these posts whilst I was reviewing the event for Ariadne and couldn’t resist a comment even though leaking my own views isn’t quite so entertaining (the rest of the review should be in the next edition).
    “Stuart ‘I can’t believe anyone normal uses the word folksonomy’ Lee got up prepared to invite healthy debate on his views but it turned out that his presentation had already caused a bit of a storm before he even gave it – this is where things started to get really freaky. It seems that his slides (posted beforehand on the workshop web page) occasioned comment in a certain blog post which led to one ‘Mr Angry’ denouncing what he was about to say before he even said it. The bit that really got me was that the (non-inflammatory) original blog post was by Grainne Conole at 10.03 am on Friday 23rd November. Now at that precise time I was sitting chatting to the blogging Grainne at a totally different event both of us blissfully unaware that she was about to start a row, which I would later report on, at a workshop which hadn’t yet happened. It takes a bit of getting my head round that but as a fan of Chaos theory (Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas? and all that stuff) this was the first time I’d really experienced it in action. How different from the turgid exchange of ideas via academic journals that took two years to see the light of day.
    Once Stuart managed to get a word out in RL (that’s real life for any of you Saddos who only have the one) it was hard not to think he talked a lot of sense (unless you happened to be a librarian or particularly fond of the word folksonomy).”

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