My personal digital network



As part of my talk this morning to the librarians I shared with them my personal digital network. I use social media on a daily basis, treatment both for work activities and in my personal life. I use Facebook and Twitter extensively; Twitter is mainly for professional purposes, advice such as: tweeting useful resources, disseminating research, pointing to blog posts, etc. In contrast Facebook is a mixture of personal and professional stuff; you will find an electric mix of pictures of cats and food (#foodporn), interspersed with links to interesting research articles or conferences. I use Slideshare to post presentations, but also sometimes articles I have written. It’s very motivating to see how many people have viewed a presentation! I am in LinkedIn, but don’t really find it very useful. Blogging has changed the way I work as an academic, I have had my professional blog since 2007; I blog about ideas I am developing, interesting notes from conferences I have attended or articles I have read, summaries of talks I have given. I also have a personal blog about cooking and travel, two of my favourite pastimes ;-)


Endnote is invaluable as a tool for curating references; it has made writing papers so much easier! I tried other tools such as Mendeley and Zotero, but didn’t really get on with them and found myself reverting to Endnote. Dropbox is great for sharing documents with others, but Google Drive is also useful. Skype is great for video conferencing, either with individuals or for group meetings. I have also used it to give webinars. Other video conferencing tools include Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect and Flashmeeting.  I have recently discovered a great App for my iPad Air; peartrees and I am finding it great for curating useful resources around different tools. 


Interesting… when I first put this list together I forgot to include email, Freudian slip? Would be interested to here examples of other people’s digital networks and the reasons why you use particular tools. 

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