The working environment


Now into my second month at Bath Spa University and I already feel as if I have been here forever ;-) Very impressed with the working environment. Stunning campus, nice office now complete with pictures. But there are a number of other things I am impressed with. Printing on the go (I know it’s nothing special but very convenient), just send your file go to the nearest printer, swipe your card and voila! Lots of recycling schemes, recycling bins everywhere. IT services are not only pleasant and friendly but efficient. Mac Book Pro up and running in no time, and now iPad Air (which I just love!) and mobile. Everyone uses Google Gmail and good drive for sharing. There is a good culture of sharing calendars as well. None of this is rocket science, but it all makes for a good working environment!

2 Responses to “The working environment”

  1. David Hopkins Says:

    Indeed, not rocket science or even difficult, but it requires a culture that is rarely found! Sounds lovely … I’ll put my name on the list for when you expand the department? ;-)


  2. LeRoy Hill Says:

    Congratulations on the move. A closer call to teacher education it seems. I made the shift to teacher education myself. But my heart is still in Learning designs. Looking forward to some innovative happenings at BATH Spa.

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