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As part of our learning design project, Andrew Brasher is currently looking at ways in which we might provide some tailored help and guidance. So the kinds of things we are thinking of include a) a user wanting examples of learning activities which use a blog to encourage reflective learning, a) tips and hints on what a particualr tool can do, or a summary of a particular pedagogical approach, c) guidance on aspects of learning design. We are exploring how this contextualised help might be embedded in our adapted version of Compendium (see‘The problem with learning design’ for a little more on this) - so that when a user chooses an icon (say ‘blog’) they are linked to a set of relevant information to help them think about it - definitions, uses and examples of how others have used blogs in learning activities. Andrew’s post ‘Help for designers of learning activities’ gives more info and the current demo. Feedback please!!! Is anyone else attempting something similar? Have you got ideas for other sites we should include?

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  1. Sheila MacNeill Says:

    Hi Grainne

    The Designs on Learning project at Ravensbourne College (part of JISC DFL programme) has done a lot of work on using blogs - and have lots of resources including case studies available from their wiki

    Also the programme has a delicious site to share outputs and we have a feed on the support wiki - please fee free to plunder:-)


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