Horizon scanning

I seem to have been in quite a few events recently focusing on horizon scanning and in particular mapping societal and educational changes to trends in technological developments. I think this demonstrates that the educational sector as a whole is really reflecting on the ways in which technology might have a significant impact on ALL aspects of the business - to the extent that the very way we structure, organise and support learning might change.

I am a member of the JISC JOS committee and today I was at a couple of JISC meetings which included a session brainstorming what we as JISC committee members felt were the key factors impacting on Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) and how these in turn related to and might influence the work that JISC does on behalf of those sectors. I have mapped some of the key arguments from the debate into Compendium here - note if you click on the image that will enlarge it, click on the title to get a summary of the points raised in the workshop. The photos are curtesy of flickr - URLs to the original sources are included. What’s interesting is that alot of the buzz words remain the same - user perspectives and experience, changing political and other external agendas, ever present tensions (open vs. closed, competition vs. collaboration) etc. But there was I felt a sense that maybe maybe this time its different, this time its not “Technology Groundhog day” yet again… we will just have to wait and see…

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  1. Geoff Says:

    Agree about some realism creeping in, but I am pretty amazed the meeting stuck with a classic PEST analysis and at least didn’t include L for Learning, let alone E for Environment.
    I do like this use of compendium.

  2. GrĂ¡inne Says:

    Hi Geoff!!! This was only part of the overall day and discussions. Ironically there was a lot of discussion in the meeting about the focus around learning - as opposed to the other aspects of what JISC covers - ie research, organisations, etc., and a number of people commented how JISC’s focus has shifted in recent years to have a greater emphasis on the learning dimension - for example look at the extensive body of work going on under the current e-learning programme.

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