Virtual schools and colleges


This blog post summarises some of the key findings from the VISCED project  on virtual schools and colleges. The report states that these provide important alternative for learners who are not able to participate in face-to-face education. The report defines virtual schools and colleges as

Institutions that teach courses entirely or primarily online.

70 have been identified across 17 countries in Europe. The report summarises 8 case studies:

Analysis of the case studies identified the follow success factors:

  • Usability of the system, buy which supports students, ed teachers and others involved
  • Extent to which a clear e-learning strategy is in place
  • Appropriateness of recruitment and training policies
  • Extent to which regular evaluation is in place
  • Robust and reliable technical infrastructure
  • Strong leadership skills and competences
  • Strong emphasis on learning outcomes
  • Availability of appropriate learning resources
  • Clarity of the organisational system underpinning the operation of the school or college

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