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I’m in a POERUP project meeting in Nottingham. We have a packed agenda of things to talk about. I’ll provide a summary of some of the key points in this blog post. Firstly, cure we began by discussing channels of communication; EDEN, Online Educa and the Media and Learning conferences were all suggested as potential avenues. Ming Nie from Leicester provided an overview of the work she has led on in terms of the country reports, 11 detailed country reports and 15 mini-reports have been collated and an impressive inventory of 300 plus international OER initiatives.

Bieke Schreurs, from OUNL, provided an overview of the methodology we are planning to adopt for 7 in-depth case studies of OER communities. The research questions include:

  • How are the user networks behind OER initiatives structured?
  • Do users of the same online community networks’ size and density differ, in terms of: their role in the community, their educational level and their level of digital literacy?
  • What do users share around the use of digital learning materials?
  • What kind of activities do they develop within the network?
  • We are also interested in developing an OER community typology, in terms of what kinds of communities exist around OER initiatives?

Social Network Analysis (SNA) will be used as a means of understanding the nature and dynamics of the communities. Data will be collected via an online survey and a series of interviews. We are interested in three types of stakeholders: community organisers, community members and learners. 

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