MATEL study on emergent technologies

The annual Horizon reports list the key technologies that are likely to have a significant impact in Education in one, clinic three and five years’ time.  The MATEL (Mapping and Analysing Perspective Technologies for Learning) study provides a good evidence-based survey of key technologies. The study undertook a survey across schools, pharmacy tertiary education, the adult learning community and the VET sector and validated the findings with an expert consultation group in the Autumn. 

The study aimed to:

  • get a better understanding of how technologies that are expected to play a decisive role in shaping future learning strategies will evolve in the short –medium term (5-10 years from now);
  • understand how the market of such technologies is expected to develop and
  • identify a set of strategies and actions to promote promising technologies, encourage implementation and ensure effective and inclusive deployment in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.

Not surprisingly perhaps, social media, mobile technologies and Open Educational Resources featured highly in the results. What was interesting was the lack of much mention of the role of Virtual Worlds, despite the original hype on the role these might play in Education; interest appears to have dropped off significantly. 

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