iTunes launch!


Finally, diagnosis finally…. It has taken a long time but we are now live on iTunesU, online all thanks to Terese Bird – the phrase dog with a bone comes to mind ;-)

Terese did some research to find out what other institutions’ experiences were of going on iTunesU. The OU, not surprisingly, adopted a very centrally controlled approach, with strict quality assurance processes. They found that the benefits of going on iTunesU were twofold. Firstly, it got them recognition in North America. Secondly, it resulted in learners signing up to do OU courses, having sampled the tasters on iTunesU. Nottingham and Oxford adopted more of a peer-reviewed approach. The powers that be at Leicester required some persuading…. They wanted assurances that the quality of the materials would be good and that the materials would need to be Leicester branded. We having been working with academics and marketing for some time to review potential content. The launch is timely given the recent discovery of Richard III and there are some nice videos on the site on this. So have a look, feedback welcome!

5 Responses to “iTunes launch!”

  1. David Hopkins (@hopkinsdavid) Says:

    Well done everyone involved.


  2. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks! Great to finally have a presence on there, some fab content including the Richard the third stuff!

  3. Simon Kear Says:

    Great news, Grainne, and an amazing job by you, Terese! I know how hard you’ve worked on iTunes U. Brilliant for University of Leicester, even if it doesn’t know this yet …

  4. Gráinne Says:

    Yes it is great isn’t Simon! At last! Site looks great too and there is some fab content!

  5. Graham McElearney Says:

    Fantastic work Terese! Would love to see your study in more detail too as well as looking forward to trying the site. We are hoping to do similar at Sheffield soon. All the best


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