An avalanche is coming


Simon Walker from Greenwich University mentioned this interesting report in the OLDS Google Hangout today. Entitled ‘An avalanche is coming’ the report critiques the current and future impact of more open practices and in particular MOOCs on traditional educational offerings. These are a few of the highlights from the exec summary.

Just as we’ve seen the forces of technology and globalisation transform sectors such as media and communications or banking and finance over the last two decades, stuff these forces may now transform higher education.

The fundamental question in An Avalanche is Coming is whether a university education is a good preparation for working life and citizenship in the 21st century or, find more precisely, whether it will continue to be seen as good value, given the remorseless rise in the cost of a university education over recent decades.

Certainly there are challenges ahead, but surely also opportunities for those bold enough to seize them. The potential unbundling is a certainly a threat, but those who rebundle well will find they have reinvented higher education for the 21st century.

This is an important and timely report, tackling one of the key challenges facing education today. I think that the future landscape of education is going to look fundamentally different, as alternative business model challenge traditional approaches.   

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