The photo a day challenge update


So I thought it would be nice to reflect on the photo a day challenge. Thanks to the lovely Ricardo Torres Kompen for setting the Flickr group up. I am now a month and a half in and totally addicted! I love thinking each day about what picture to post that will represent something about the day. Surprisingly my pictures are not all cats and food! Countryside, people, meetings and technologies also feature…. I have just discovered a nice tool via one of the discussion threads on the Flickr group about a great tool, which enables you to post a picture of the photos in a month. It’s called, it’s a bit fiddly to use but ‘vale de pene’ as they say in Spanish! The picture shows January 2013. It is amazing to see the variety of pictures and it brings back memories of all the things I was doing in January; travelling - Spain, Greece, Brussels, Portugal, food - nice meals with good friends, weather - snow mainly, work - validation panels and meetings. Also I am enjoying being part of the online community. There are over 50 of us, it is great to see what people are posting and the contrast of posts from Europe with those in Australia. Love the commenting and banter as well. Some people are very talented indeed. I absolutely love David Lynch’s pictures of Dublin. Clearly a city he loves and knows well. He really has an eye for a good picture!

So can’t wait to see the full year! Would be nice to print out as a physical calendar or something…

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