METIS Learning Design project kick off meeting

I am currently at an excellent kick off meeting for our new EU-funded METIS Learning Design project. You know what it’s like with European projects… Sometimes you go to the kick off meeting and you get that feeling of dread… it’s like the tower of Babel, check no one knows each other very well, discount everyone has a different view of what the project is about. It has the makings of a disastrous project, or at the very best will be darn hard work. Other kick off meetings you go to, you know everyone well and know their work and most importantly you have a shared sense of vision of what the project is about. That was my feeling at the meeting in Valladolid. We are aiming to create an Interactive Learning Design Environment (ILDE) building on our collective work to date. We have a good mix of both technical and pedagogical expertise to make this work. In the meeting we concentrated on use case scenarios and technical specifications, looking at the three sectors we are targeting: Higher Education, Adult Learning and the VET sector. We mapped out the needs of each and created personas for the kinds of people we envisaged using the tool.

This has got to be my dream project – to create an all inclusive online learning design tool, ambitious I know and maybe not achievable  - this time at least. The nice thing is that the project is timely and builds on a number of recent research projects that I have been involved with. These include the OULDI of course at the OU, and more recently, with JISC funding, the opportunity to combine OULDI work with the Carpe Diem work at Leicester to create the 7Cs of Learning Design. We have been able to trial this at a number of conferences and events and also through the JISC-funded SPEED project with 4 UK institutions (Darby, Liverpool John Moores, London South Bank and Northampton Universities). I am particularly lucky to be working with Gabi Witthaus and Ming Nie at Leicester on this and of course more broadly with the LD community – both the METIS partners and internationally such as colleagues in Australia. Again the timing is great as we have just published the Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design as part of James Dalziel’s ALTC/OLT fellowship. This provides a solid theoretical underpinning to the state of the field.  The state of METIS also coincides with the launch of our Learning Design MOOC that started this week, and we will be exploring aspects of the work both from METIS and the Larnaca Declaration in that in the MOOC over the next couple of months!

In this presentation I propose a conceptual framework to underpin the development of the ILDE based on our 7Cs of Learning Design framework.

7 cs of learning design from Grainne Conole

In the table below I provide a mapping of the 7Cs of Learning Design framework to the three different types of Learning Design tools (conceptual – orange, technical – green and sharing/discussion – red).  

7Cs element

Learning Design tool


Course features

Design Narratives


Analysing context: factors and concerns


Resource audit

Repository search strategy


Course map

Activity profile

Task swimlane



E-moderating framework

Mapping forums, blogs and wikis

Communicative affordances


Collaborative affordances

CSCL Pedagogical Patterns


Assessment Pedagogical Patterns

Learning outcomes map


3 Responses to “METIS Learning Design project kick off meeting”

  1. Clinton Branscombe Says:

    The chart does not have any green or red. After looking at the Slideshare presentation, I noticed that these colours are under Consolidate. That is when I noticed that the chart on the web page only has six rows….

  2. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks Clinton!
    The orange are conceptual LD tools, the green technical ones and the red sharing tools. Well spotted re the chart! It is missing the Consolidate row. Hope you find this useful!

  3. Jonathan F Vernon Says:

    Very useful. Just give me some massive, messy learning project!

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