An epiphany moment!

I’m delighted that my new book proposal has been accepted by the publisher! The aim is to produce a more practically focussed book than my Designing for Learning in an Open World Springer book. The book would consist of a rich set of learning designs and practical examples of how these can be used. This would draw on the learning design work I have been involved with at Leicester and the OU, ed but also on the learning design work of others including work on pedagogical patterns. I have been struggling to come up with a structure for the book, but have recently had an epiphany moment! I think it would be good to structure the book around our 7Cs of learning design framework. Hence the book would consists of the following chapters: an introduction chapter to set the scene, a chapter on pedagogies, a chapter on each of the 7Cs, and a conclusion chapter. Also I think ‘7Cs of learning design’ would work nicely as a title! Thoughts welcome!

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