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Steve Godwin has just posted his interpretation of one of the sessions at the OpenLearn conference - using Compendium. Will post later on reflections on Simon Buckingham Shum’s talk on knowledge mapping (and in particular Compendium and the new tool they are developing Cohere). It’s interesting that quite a few people are playing with visually mapping the discourse from the conference - see Eric Duval’s map and also Simon Buckingham Shum’s blog and map about the keynote yesterday. John Seely Brown was talking last night about new literacies which are needed in today’s technology-enhanced environment and this was a key aspect of Simon’s talk. We clearly need to explore more the different ways in which knowledge can be represented - visual, textual and other… Steve if you read this would be interesting to hear your comments on the process of using Compendium, did it make you think differently?

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  1. Steve Godwin Says:

    A first experience so I had to do a bit of revision but managed, certainly in my second attempt, to keep pace with things. The problem of blogging the map is that it becomes a static jpg file…you cannot look into the icons and explore my additional comments. I will however upload to OpenLearn and provide alink to this so that people can more fully engage with the map if they wish.

    I feel it is something I shall do again since it provides a different way of representing a talk but I must make some of my own icons or use a wider number of icon types.

  2. Gráinne Says:

    thanks Steve - yes i think it is really interesting to explore and push the boundaries re: different forms of representation. Would be nice if someone did a comparison of the different interpretation of John Seely Brown’s keynote - in the various textual blog entries as well as the visual mindmaps some have drawn!!

  3. Simon Buckingham Shum Says:

    Just posted this comment on the ochre blog:

    Simon Buckingham Shum Says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 6:30 pm
    OK, mapping this session was more realistic than doing JSB’s keynote, since it was a true multiway discussion. Although I’m obviously a true convert to Dialogue Mapping already, I genuinely think that this example shows how contributions at different points on the same issue (”returning to Bob’s point raised earlier…”) can be linked in a coherent way to bring out the conceptual structure of the debate.

    This map, plus JSB’s, plus slides on our paper’s homepage:


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