Blogging on a roll

I am really enjoying the active blogging which is going on alongside the presentations at the Open learn conference. It really brings the conference alive. There are three parallel sessions but keeping an eye on the conference blog is enabling me to feel as if i am almost attending all three parallel sessions!! Isn’t technology great?? ;-) Openlearn conference Of course there is always a downside - how much did i really take in of that last session, whilst simulataneously blogging and reading the conference blog? Of course multi-tasking is one of the key characteristics supposedly of the ‘new generation’… I stil don’t know the answer to the question of depth (concentrating on one thing) vs. breath (focusing across a number of things) - my suspicion is that both are appropriate in different context - the trick is to match the appropriate one to the right context! I think this has become increasingly important as our environment and associated abundance of resources and tools has become more complex.

2 Responses to “Blogging on a roll”

  1. AJ Cann Says:

    Speaking purely personally, I find conferences a relief from blogging - one of the few reflective refuges I have left! I didn’t even check my email while I was at OpenLearn :-)

  2. GrĂ¡inne Says:

    Yes I do know what you mean - it’s such a difficult balance nowadays with all these distractions!!!!

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