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I’m at the OpenLearn conference and have just done a talk on learning design and its application to the reuse of Open Educational Resources. John Seely Brown gave a fantastic John Seely Brownkeynote this morning drawing together for me many of the threads on the current direction of technlology developments and implications for learning. He talked about learning 2.0, indeed XX 2.0 seems to be a common meme across the talks - Andrew Ravenscroft and Patrick are now talking about the changing nature of learners and learning posing the question have we moved from ‘boot camp’ (ie structured, formal, etc) to ‘holiday camp’ (informal, user directed, etc.)? Patrick is supporting his arguments with data collected as part of the OpenLearn project - in terms of how users are interacting with the OpenLearn materials and their motivations for using the materials. Interestingly both John in his opening keynote and Andrew reflected on a number of learning theories and what they might mean in a modern context. John talked about situated learning, Andrew quoted confucius - ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do I understand’. What struck me most was John suggesting in his keynote that things are really different now - that we have reached a critical point and the potential for new and innovative pedagogies capitlising on the affordances of new technologies and harnessing of the best of web 2.0/social networking.

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  1. mrsdurff Says:

    Why not Skype someone in to the conference? I’m sure a twitter friend would like to listen - but not me as I have school today.

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