Considering sustainability in networked learning – a dialogue with perspectives of action research and sustainability


Tara Fenwich and Judi Marshall did a nice keynote at the Networked Learning Conference. I must admit the talk was a little out of my comfort zone, diagnosis but in a good and challenging way. Judi raised some thought provoking issues about sustainability and challenged us in the networked learning community to take more account of the challenges facing the planet in terms of climate change. Tara drew on sociomaterial research, which I think has huge potential and application in our field. Lots to ponder over in the coming months. I think it was brave of the conference organisers to include keynotes from outside the field, we need more of this kind of thing.

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  1. Will Pollard Says:

    Was there any discussion of “economic” sustainability, how companies and organisations can survive over time. I thought from the hotseat discussion that this ambiguity is recognised but not explored much. There will be managers interested through this and there could be conversation including them. I recently found a Peter Senge video on YouTube ( warning needs 90 minutes to watch) that covers systems as units and global.

  2. Gráinne Says:

    Yes there was Will they referred to the hotseat a lot sounds like there were some interesting debates there. Like Senge’s work, but have lost my copy of the 5th Discipline!

  3. Says:

    Some say the 5th Discipline is too vague,very likely if half remembered from some time ago, but maybe it works better that way, some sort of link between systems and learning.

  4. Gráinne Says:

    I like the 5th discipline from what I can remember of it, although think maybe too rigid to describe today’s interactions with technologies….

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