Masters in Learning Innovation

We are currently developing a new Masters in Learning Innovation, vcialis 40mg which we hope to launch in September 2012. Here is a brief overview of it.

Students taking the Masters in Learning Innovation will obtain a thorough critical overview of the use of technologies to support learning across formal and informal learning contexts. The programme will be designed to enable the students to be critically reflective of their readings, price communication and collaboration online, as well as provide practical experience in the use of a range of technologies. It will provide ample opportunities for them to apply the knowledge gained from the programme to their own professional practice and environment.  Students will examine case studies of learning innovation to help them to situate and contexualise the use of technologies in their own setting. The programme will take students through the full spectrum of technology-enhanced learning. The modules included are:


  • Technology-Enhanced Learning – which will provide an overview of new technologies and how they can be used to support different pedagogical approaches. This will include social and participatory media, Open Educational Resources, learning spaces, use of virtual worlds, and mobile learning,
  • Learning Design – which will provide an overview of the state of the art in learning design research, including a review of learning design tools and resources.
  • Research methodologies – this will provide students with a good grounding in relevant qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as commonly used methodological approaches adopted.
  • Case studies of innovation – this will enable the students to explore the use of technologies in different contexts, including different disciplines and sectors.
  • Dissertation module - students will carry out and write up a project in learning innovation.

The uniqueness of the Masters is that it is underpinned by a state of the art learning design methodology and the adoption of open practices to address the key challenges of 21st Century learning, harnessing the potential of new technologies. This builds on the strong track record of the course team in these research areas. Completion of the programme will equip the students with mechanisms to enable changes in their own practices and those of their colleagues. They will have had the opportunity to explore how they can act as change agents, as well as supporting radical innovation in the design and the delivery of programmes.

We think this is going to be a really exciting course, giving students lots of hands on exposure to different technologies, enabling them to reflect on the relevance to their own practice. So if this is something you are interested in get in touch with us and we can tell you more!


10 Responses to “Masters in Learning Innovation”

  1. Mark S Says:

    Would it be possible for a student from US to pursue this under a Leicester University Postgrad Award from the US-UK Fulbright Commission? Could it fit into the 1-year time frame, and could an intent to pursue this degree be competitive with respect to others for a Fulbright? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least more should.

  2. Ove Christensen Says:

    Well, sounds interesting. I am certainly interested. Any information on how the courses are executed: brick and molar, open, webbased, blended?
    How to enroll?


  3. Gráinne Says:

    Great that sounds good and yes I dont see why not Mark! The campus-based version will start in Sept and will be one year full-time

  4. Gráinne Says:

    Ove great!:-)

    And yes the course will cover those aspects. We plan to run it campus-based the first year and then introduce an online version in year two…. Hope you consider applying!

  5. Alberto Says:

    I am interested!
    Keep me informed!

  6. Gráinne Says:

    OK will do!

  7. LeRoy Hill Says:

    Great job on this. Hmmm really liking your #opendesign approach to this. Sure looking forward to being part of this somehow :-)

  8. Gráinne Says:

    Great thanks LeRoy! We are very excited about it and looking forward to launching the course!

  9. Darren Wallace Says:

    I’d be very interested in the online version of this course.

  10. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks Darren the online version will start either April or Sept 2013, however we are planning to adopt a very open approach so as much of the content as possible will be available openly online, so that will give you a good idea of what is involved. We are very excited about the course and think it is a unique offering - drawing on the latest in elearning research, such as learning design, OER, social and participatory media, new approaches to research methods such as Design Based Research and learning analytics!

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