A template for design

We are currently in the process of upgrading to BlackBoard 9.1. As part of this we would like to create a VLE template for incorporation in the new version. We think this has a number of benefits:

  1. It will provide designers with a set of guidelines and learning design tools to support the design and delivery of  a course online.
  2. It will provide links to examples of good practice on the use of different technologies, these will be searchable by pedagogy, tool, and discipline.
  3. It will enable us to have a more consistent look and feel to courses created in the VLE.

The following six categories are available in the new VLE template. These directly map to six of the seven categories in the 7Cs design and delivery framework described in the previous post. The first one, conceptualise, is not applicable. They provide the designer with guidance on the key stages of the design and delivery of a course, as well as learning design tools and resources.

  1.  Capture/Search – which covers the ways in which search engines, OER repositories and social bookmarking can be used to find and collate relevant resources and activities.
  2. Create/Design – which covers both the creation of content and activities. Includes links to conceptual design tools, examples of good practice, OER, pedagogical and learning design templates. Includes links to learning resources, activities and file upload.
  3.  Communicate – which covers how to moderate asynchronous and synchronous forums. Includes links to notifications, forum, wiki, blog, google docs, and audio and video conferencing tools.
  4. Collaborate – which considers how tools like wikis, voicethread, pirate pad can be used to foster collaboration and how to work in virtual teams.
  5. Consider/Assess – which covers the ways in which tools such as blogs, e-portfolios and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) can be used to promote reflection and different forms of assessment. Includes links to diagnostic, formative and summative assessment and course marks.
  6. Consolidate/Plan – which covers the ways in which the learner can be supported in their learning, a schedule of activities and deadlines and mechanisms to guide their learning. Includes links to the course calendar and study guide.

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