The 7Cs of design and delivery

We are doing a small project at Leicester as part of the JISC-funded OULDI project. Essentially it is to do an audit of the OULDI tools and the Carpe Diem material developed at Leicester to create a new learning design offering that will be trialed and evaluated over the coming months at Leicester. I had a great meeting today with Gabi Witthaus and Ale Armellini to take stock of where we are. Gabi has been exploring the OULDI resources and has come up with a conceptual map of what we might include in the new offering and how they will relate to the Carpe Diem activities.  We brainstormed around Gabi’s initial audit and then came up with a holistic conceptual framework, stuff the 7Cs of design and delivery.


Essentially this consists of 7 modules covering design, delivery and evaluation. We aim to try some of the modules over the coming months; the whole framework will form the basis of our module on learning design in a new masters we are developing in Learning Innovation, which will be launched in September 2012. The seven modules are:

  1. Conceptualise – which initiates the design process and consists of imagine, design and prepare.
  2. Capture – which covers the ways in which search engines, OER repositories and social bookmarking can be used to find and collate relevant resources and activities.
  3. Create – which covers both the creation of content and activities.
  4. Communicate – which covers how to moderate asynchronous and synchronous forums
  5. Collaborate – which considers how tools like wikis, voicethread, pirate pad can be used to foster collaboration and how to work in virtual teams.
  6. Consider – which covers the ways in which tools such as blogs, e-portfolios and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) can be used to promote reflection and different forms of assessment.
  7. Consolidate - where the participants take stock of what they have learnt and create an action plan for taking things forward.

Would welcome thoughts on this and will blog again when we have more developed.

6 Responses to “The 7Cs of design and delivery”

  1. Kathrine Jensen Says:

    I like the framework, covers a lot. How about adding something on gathering feed back or evaluating, maybe skills to analyse impact? You could call it Consultation perhaps to stay in keeping with the C’s? Or perhaps that is not quite in line with the idea, just a thought.

    Could also maybe consider adding research to Conceptualise to emphasize the need to look at what has already been developed by others, could be a useful way to generate ideas…?

    Look forward to seeing how this develops.

  2. Gráinne Says:

    nice thooughts! think consolidate covers a lot of what you are suggesting re consultation but maybe not… excited about this!! :-)

  3. David Smith Says:

    The framework ticks many boxes and is simple and concise and I agree with Katherine about the evaluation. Just a couple of suggestions under collaborate or consider did you want to think about a platform such as mobile…and under conceptualise did you want to think about a step between design and prepare/launch something where the idea is synthesised/tested or piloted. Will follow this development with interest.

  4. Gráinne Says:

    Hi David thanks for the useful suggestions will think about these! I agree with both of you about the evaluation. Think there may be a whole additional cycle on evaluation - the 7Es framework perhaps? ;-)

  5. Janet Seymour Says:

    Good Afternoon

    I’m a 3rd year Student at Leeds University studying BSc in Business Management. I’m currently starting to prepare for my dissertation on traditional learning vs elearning and interested in your framework/audit.

    Would it be possible to let me know if there is a report available. I’m particularly interested in the current thinking in the marketplace

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Kind Regards

  6. Gráinne Says:

    Hi Janet nice! Lots on my blog on the 7Cs approach and all the resources are available online, good look with your dissertation!

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