Kitten appeal

I just love the video on Christopher Sessum’s blog of a kitten playing with a Mac! Christopher says

While I regularly use both a PC and a Mac, the Mac generally makes me happier.

I totally agree. I have always been a perfectly happy PC user, but switched to a Mac this summer primarily because it seemed to offer better software for doing presentations. I was a little nervous about switching and had some initial teething problems but now I have to say I am totally hooked. It feels like driving a rolls royce after driving a battered second hand mini for years. And it is as Christopher says something about the design of the Mac intermingled with my feelings - oh dear I can hear that word affordances again

Oh and by the way the kitten in the video in uncannily like our cat “Mouse”!

2 Responses to “Kitten appeal”

  1. Munkle Marland Says:

    Hi Grainne,

    Glad to see one of you has seen sense at last and joined the more artistic, non-geek, computer-using community (unlike that effete allabanach we both know)!

    Welcome to the world I never left!

  2. GrĂ¡inne Says:

    Yep and loving it :-) The person you indirectly refer to had the cheek to refer to me as a ‘fashion conscious technorati’ wrt this…. me thinks he is a tad jealous…. ;-)

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