Conferences: SVEA, Media and Learning

In November I spent a productive few days in Brussels attending the SVEA and the Media and Learning conferences.

There were three keynotes for SVEA. Lieve Van Den Brande from the commission gave an overview of EU policy perspectives on the use of technology in learning and then described their Creative Classroomsprogramme. I gave a broad overview of soial and participatory media and then Helen Keegan from Salford University (picture below) finished by describing how she is using social media with her students and in particular Twitter – innovative stuff!


In the afternoon I was part of a fishbowl session, recipe where panelists sat in an inner circle with the audience around the outside. We covered a range of interesting topics, no rx members of the audience could join in the inner circle when they wanted to say something, stomach nice format.

Media and Learning was a two-day conference with good attendence and some excellent keynotes. In particular it was nice to hear Donald Clark. Interestingly he argued that lecturing was now a good delivry mode but he gave a great lecture! I was involved in a panel session at the end of the first day, with Claudio Donde and Helen Keegan. Allen Patridge from Adobe gave a nice provocative introduction to the session on the holy cows of elearning. See his blog post about it.

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