Interconnectedness of design and e-pedagogy


Yesterday I did a presentation to faculty at CQUniversity. I was physically at the Sydney campus with about ten people and connected via BlackBoard Collaborate online to about 40 other people. The session has been recorded and is available at

In the talk I considered the current landscape of digital technologies and their associated technologies. I also looked at current teacher practice as well as the ways in which learners are using new technologies. I then suggested some ways in which we might as a community adopt more open practices in terms of design, viagra delivery, scholarship and research, concluding with a reflection on the nature of my own digital landscape and which tools I use on a daily basis.  

I enjoyed the session but do wish I had left a little more time for questions ;-) Note to self do a shorter presentation next time…..

 In case you are wondering the picture is of a bike up a tree, taken when I was in Vilnius recently. Seems to epitomise for me the topsy-turvy and complex world we now live in, well you have to admit it is a good picture if nothing else!

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  1. Anne Says:

    Hi Grainne
    When I linked to the URL you provided above I was so keen to enjoy the recording only to find that when you moved from your slideshow to application sharing, the recording does not reflect that and so I missed all your slides (but did so enjoy listening to your presenation despite the a blank screen). Is there anyway you would consider sharing your slides on Slideshare?

  2. Gráinne Says:

    thanks for spotting this Anne - am uploading slides to now

  3. Gráinne Says:

    OK slides now up

  4. The brilliance of the blogosphere « Learning about e-learning Says:

    […] Interconnectedness of design and e-pedagogy Again Gráinne Conole comes up with some deep thoughts on e-pedagogy, always worth a read. Not only that, she presented her thoughts at a webinar in Australia recently. The webinar is interesting on two counts 1) she expresses her thoughts in her own words and 2) it is presented using Blackboard Collaborate. For those of you who are not familiar with this or synchronised events – this is the technology that will replace Wimba Classroom in the New Year. If you want to see the presentation (some or all of it , it is about 1 hour long) click here […]

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