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My poor blog has been sadly neglected recently…. I’d like to use the excuse of writing the book, try but the reality is I just got out of the habit of blogging. For some reason I’ve got back into it again. I had forgotten how valuable blogging is, as a means of reporting on things and working up new ideas. I am currently working on a post about memes and metaphors for networked technologies for example. My blog definitely adds something to my repertoire of thinking channels; from presentations through blogging and finally through to more coherent publications. Has anyone else experienced similar problems and neglected their blog recently? 

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  1. Martyn Cooper Says:

    I think I use my blog (http://martyncooper.wordpress.com/) differently than you do yours, least as you would like to do yours. Perhaps this might surprise you because you know my persona face-to-face but it has something to to with confidence levels, confidence that I have something to say and confidence in the quality of my writing. However instead of a habit of a near daily or weekly blog diary I have only posted 7 blog posts in 2011. They fall into two categories - putting out there ideas I am developing in more formal writing contexts (as you do although you used Cloudworks not your blog for your recent book chapters) and noting and reflecting on conferences, webinars, etc. My motivation for the latter is usually, I want to take notes for my own reasons: promoting concentration; in case I want to refer to something in the future, etc. If I blog them I will know where my notes are and they are available should anyone else be interested. I get occasional thank-yous from those who were unable to attend the event in question. A recent such blog post has led to a hopefully high profile paper being developed with the authors of one of the papers presented in the webinar.

    So in short I value the software blogging tools (in my case from Wordpress) but I have never developed a blogging habit in its diary analogy sense. But there I was never a diary keeper in the paper world. I managed 3 days on a planned diary of my undergraduate experience back in 1979. LOL

    A few self reflective thoughts from me!



  2. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks for this Martyn it is interesting how each of us choose to use a blog in different ways, I think it is all about what we feel comfortable with and useful.

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