Visualising OLDM

I am trying to come up with a visualisation to describe the key themes of my book on learning design and the relationship between them. The current view I have come up with is this one. 


OLDM diagram

At the centre is the Open Learning Design Methodology (OLDM) that is the main focus of the book. The diagram shows how this draws on four main areas: i) the broader theoretical perspectives and methodology from research in e-learning and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), ii) the notion of design languages and how they are used in a range of disciplines, iii) related research areas such as instructional design, and iv) the nature and characteristics of open, social and participatory media. The middle layer shows that OLDM draws, in particular, on the theoretical concepts of Mediating Artefacts and affordances. Then the top layer shows how this feeds into the three main components of OLDM; i) design representations and tools, ii) the nature of openness, and iii) different forms of community and interaction. This almost maps perfectly with the current chapter order, except for the theory and methodology section, wondering if I should reorder and have this as chapter 2 instead of 5 to fit the diagram? Hmmm….

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  1. frank rennie Says:

    Yes, I would shift it up to Ch 2… personally I like to glimpse a bit of the long-tern vision and the scope of the wider issues before I get into the detail (rather than drip-feed information like an unravelling detective story)…It looks good though, how far on with the whole book are you?

  2. Mary Says:

    Hi Grainne,
    It makes more sense to me to have the theory and methodology in chapter 2. I am thinking that OLDM is the first chapter. I am predicting that you are writing the book for practitioners and you are thinking that they may be drawn to explore the book if you begin with the three main components of OLDM. I had trouble getting the narrative and seeing the relationships from the diagram until I read the explanation below it.

  3. Gráinne Says:

    Thanks Frank and Mary - I think I agree with you, visualising the structure of the book has helped me to see if it is coherent or not and if the order is right…. Frank near final drafts there - can invite you to the drop box space if you’d like a look!

  4. Lindy McKeown Orwin Says:

    RSA Animate would have fun with it for you…example of them graphically annotating a talk by Sir Ken Robinson

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