Musing on ‘the book’….

Got some fresh ideas for more chapters/content for my learning design book, there perhaps inspired by recent meetings and conferences. I think I need to put more in about the different ways in which people are using social media to support their practice - such as Twitter, link facebook, healing ning, Elgg etc. Was impressed by the presentation recently about a social network for teachers in Finland. Also think I need to include a chapter on metaphors for describing new digital landscapes and practices, going back to Morgan’s work on metaphors such as the brain, ecology system, political system etc., as well as more recent notions of trying to describe both real and virtual interactions. Another idea for a chapter centres around approaches for transferring innovation and here I would like to draw on the experiences we have gained in particular from our OULDI and Design-Practice projects. I wonder also if I should expand the theoretical chapter - and perhaps suggest theoretical perspectives we should be considering but aren’t drawing on much….

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