Tallin side..

tallinn9.jpgI’ve been at the Estionian E-learning conference in Tartu this week. Thanks to Ene Koitla and colleagues for hosting a very well organised event. The conference included some excellent papers by local researchers as well as a number of international speakers (Terry Anderson and Rory McGreal from Athabasca University, Gerry Ignasi Labastida from Barcelona University, and Gerry Hanley from California State University, and Murilo Matos Mendonca from Santa Catarina Virtual University - who is currently visit the OU as an Olnet fellow). The second day included a live video link with a parallel conference happening in Finland. Ville Venäläinen and Tarmo Toikkanen talked about SOMEKU, a ning-based social networking platform they have created for Finnish teachers. I was struck by the parallels with Cloudworks and would like to explore with them more the relationship between the two sites and the insights they have gained from developing and evaluating the use of SOMEKU. I’ve live blogged many of the session here in Cloudworks. I did a talk on social and participatory media and explored the ways in which these technologies are changing learning, teaching and research. I also ran a learning design workshop. It’s been a good few days, lots to reflect on; good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones!



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