More on scaling the social web

Tony Karrer joins in the debate on scaling the social web referring to George Siemen’s article but also Chris Anderson’s point about what he terms social networking being a feature rather than a destination.

I can’t help feeling that we are still in the first wave of hype when it comes to social networking - there is a mixture of excitement and enthusiasm for the potential, coupled with the usual doom and gloom merchants. There are lots of experiments being conducted to explore how these kinds of tools might facilitate new forms of communication and collaboration and ideas for how they might be used to support teaching and learning. Emerge is one interesting example, using Elgg the project aims to support the JISC’s forming of an “effective and sustainable community of practice” (CoP) around the Users and Innovation Development Model (UIDM).

So what’s the verdict? Well i think the jury is still out… in reality some aspects of social networking will have a significant impact, others will fade away; the reasons will be the usual complex ones of personal preference, peer pressure, context, ease of use and relevance.

Groundhog day - the technology release

Terry Mayes puts a nice spin on the ‘technology revolution or not’ referring to the film Groundhog day - the film where a guy wakes up to find he is living and reliving the same day.

I know variants of this have been said time and time again about technologies (introduction of radio, TV, video, the Internet…) but how much truth is there in it and is it different this time??? (Answers on a virtual postcard please…).

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