Taking the plunge

So far i have hovered at the edges of the blogosphere world; lurking around various sites, watching and reflecting on the ways in which blogs are increasingly entering into academic discourse as a means of communication, a mechanism for sharing and in some cases a form of expert filter. I have had mixed views about the value of blogs; ‘who are they actually written for?’, ‘isn’t it an extreme form of arrogance to keep a blog and expect people to be interested in what you write’, ‘who the heck has the time to read, let along write blogs anyway!!?’ However recently I have begun to see some ways in which keeping a blog might be useful. So… here goes. I start this blog with some trepidation and have no idea at the moment how it will shape up or what its purpose will be. Finally i have severe doubts as to whether or not I will have the tenacity to keep it going. But heck its worth a try isn’t it?

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