Conference live blogging

As I blogged about before we have drastically changed the structure of cloudworks and in particular introduced the notion of ‘cloudscapes’, which are aggregates of clouds associated with a particular event or community. One of the potential uses we saw for this was as a means of providing a space for capturing and discussing activities at conferences. Both Juliette Culver and I have now had a chance to try this out for real.

Here is the Ascilite cloudscape. I was really surprised how useful it was using this as a mechanism for live blogging. It seemed to form a compliment to more detailed, reflective blog posts (such as the one I did on the Ascilite keynotes) and one-line tweets. Also having the ability to have others commenting on the clouds and/or adding clouds was really useful.

It was interesting to see how the Dial-e cloud I put in was then picked up by Simon Atkinson and add also to the Dial-e framework cloudscape he has now created - very much Weinberger’s ‘Everything is miscellaneous’ in practice!

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