Conference cloudscapes

We have drastically revised the cloudworks site and now have the concept of ‘cloudscape’s which are spaces that can be set up for specific communities or purposes. I am testing the notion out at the Ascilite 2008 conference. I have set up an Ascilite Conference Cloudscape and am adding options to it. It’s really interesting because the mixture of cloudworks as a kind of web 2.0 repository, shared discussion space, micro blog and blog is making alot of sense to me and I am finding it provides something distinct and different to blogging or twitter. I have been live creating clouds during this morning’s keynotes - would welcome thoughts and comments!

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  1. Mariano Says:

    People may be missing your reporting to the conference twitter back channel. Are you pushing people into pet Cloudworks or are you loosing some audience?


  2. Gráinne Says:

    Hi Mariano

    sorry hoped i wasn’t loosing people as still put #ascilite08
    in tweet, also as each of the clouds created had more info that a tweet. Felt that using cloudworks was a useful mid-way between writing a blog post and posting a tweet.


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