JISC Curriculum Design programme

An announcement is now up on the JISC site of the 12 projects that have been funded under the new JISC Curriculum Design programme. Details of all the bids are online from the JISC site, prescription ours is here. The projects represent a good spread of different types of institutions and reading through the outlines of the proposal offer a fantastic opportunity to explore innovative and creative approaches to curriculum design. Here is a summary from the JISC site about them:

A total of 55 bids were received for this call showing a high level of interest in this area of work, which included 7 bids from further education colleges. There were six submissions from Welsh institutions, one from Northern Ireland, five from Scotland and the remaining bids from institutions in England. Overall the quality of submissions was high with most bids demonstrating strong institutional commitment both in terms of funding and levels of involvement of senior staff. The JISC Learning and Teaching Committee funded a total of twelve proposals.    

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