New schemas for mapping pedagogy

Ariadne is a web-based professional magazine for information professionals which has been in existence since 1996 and publishes a range of articles on the use of technology in education every three months. I was asked by Richard Waller to do an article following the Eduserv foundation talk I did in May.  I focussed on the apparent disjuncture between the rhetoric of web 2.0 and current educational structures/systems and suggests some new approaches we have been trying to develop to address this mismatch and better map good pedagogy to potential use of tools. It’s now available online - thoughts welcome! This article will always remind me of a hot, summer’s day in Sardinia which is where the bulk of this article was written! ;-)

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  1. Manish Says:


    I saw your eduserve presentation online live. Perhaps it was that or something as when I read your introduction I read my own thinking in front of me but written by someone else. The framework you use in the article is it the same as the one u used in the talk?

    When I was flying to vienna I came up with a framework very similar to yours (more on that later). I discussed it with the Prof. (Jodonhuge) you introduced me to in Vienna.

    I find the rest of ther article really very informative and the application to social and open learn is useful.


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