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There has been lots of discussion here at the conference about Twitter and the Edmedia twitter stream and tweme seem to be working well. But it’s fair to say that not everyone can see the point; as with other tools I think there is an element of personal preference but it’s also that people need to see the benefit to them in terms of how using a new tool will make a difference to their own practice. I was explaining before my session what Twitter was and how it could be used and I could see that some people could immediately see the value, whilst others were probably thinking ‘Oh no not another thing…’ Given this, it was very timely to see that Andy Ramsden has just tweeted (of course how else would he do it? ;-)) about the survey they have just done about Twitter - it’s available here.

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  1. Martin Ebner Says:

    we have also a little suprise … because of our recording activities at the conference, we have also recorded how twemes was working during the keynotes …
    maybe it is interesting to investigate what, when, and how different users work with these possibilities ..

    however my feelings says we are on the right way, first step is done and i hope there are more follow-ups :-)

  2. Gráinne Says:

    Hiya martin yes i think it definitely adds something although i am getting complaints from the folk back in the UK for overloading twitter. Gill Clough tweeted that it would be good if one could somehow filter excess conference tweets to read at a later time… tools in development i guess

  3. hareedy Says:

    Great article . I think Twitter in the main time became a fast easy way to keep connected with others and if it’s a working method for e.learning I’m afraid that it’s not the ideal surrounding.

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