Modeling education 2.0

Did a talk at the Eduserv Foundation Symposium yesterday - there were a great line up of talks with a range of speakers both from education and outside (including the BBC and the Guardian) so was good to get a wider perspective of the impact of technologies on changing work and business practices. My talk attempted to put forward some new pedagogical models for utilizing and understanding the use of technology in education. Would welcome thoughts! 

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  1. Andy Mee Says:

    Hi Grainne,

    I was at the symposium and thought your talk was excellent. Plenty of food for thought. Many thanks for making the slides available as well as my quick sketches were rubbish :-)

  2. Clare McCullagh Says:

    Hi Grainne
    Yet again I’ve spent an interesting half hour catching up on your blog entries - thanks so much for the excellent account of the NL Conf - I particularly enjoyed your detailed account of the Social Justice Education presentation - almost felt like I’d been there!
    From your Distruptive Technologies slide show I’ve been following various links to read about SociaLearn at the OU, including a slide presentation by Martin Weller. Am currently reading/pondering/writing about socially situated learning and evaluating its potential within our Blackboard Academic Suite. Do let me know if there’s anything you know I should read that’s relevant to this.
    Am also supposed to be writing our Pathfinder journey!
    Hope all’s well with you and that you’re not dashing about too much.
    Thanks again, I do enjoy your blog :-)

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