Remember the milk

I run hot and cold about ‘to do’ lists… sometimes I am totally rigorous about using them and get great satisfaction ticking items off, then I get bored, neglect the list and find when I return most of the entries refer to projects long finished, papers never written, or holidays done and dusted…. expect for the ‘DO EXPENSES’ that one always seems to be current - sigh… Now is this a function of me and the way I work (or perhaps more correctly the way I don’t work) or something to do with the tools just not quite hitting the spot? So today I’m going to give another tool a go, one which I have been meaning to try for some time, but reading Alex Little’s blog prompted me into action. Remember the milk looks pretty promising so far, I like the ability to categorise into different interests and also the option to tag. So let’s see how long this one lasts. Ohh  I mustn’t forget to add ‘Do expenses’ ;-)

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  1. stuart Says:


    if you’ve joined the OU exodus to google you can integrate Remember the Milk with Gmail
    Google calendar

    and twitter

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