Total immersion

Really interesting approach being adopted by Michael Wesch for his Digital Ethnography course, where he and his students/fellow researchers have created a shared online collaborative space and set of tools. It sounds great and I’ll be interested to hear how effective it is and what the participants reflections on it are. I think understanding the technologies through the technologies themselves is crucial - you don’t “get” this web 2.o stuff just by reading it - you have to be immersed in it to understand how it can or might change the way you do things. In a much more humble way we are trying to do elements of this in our H809 course which is about research with and through technologies. The students are using forums, blogs and wikis and it’s fascinating to start to see them reflect on their experiences so far now that they are a third of the way through the course. They have just started a great discussion on this in the forums sharing their views on using these tools. 

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