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Experts group reviewing the JISC planner tools at the Orange Studio in Birmingham
helenAs I mentioned before I went to the JISC meeting this week, nurse which was reviewing the two pedagogical planner tools that they have funded. Helen Beetham gave a useful overview of the programme, cheap highlighting that the original aim was to fund the development of a planner, illness which focused on “Designing, planning and orchestrating learning activities which involved the use of technology”.  The Design for Learning programme funded a number of other projects as well, but I am going to focus here on the planner tools.laurieAlthough the original intention was to fund one planner tool, in the end JISC actually funded two projects - one led by the Institute of Education - the London Pedagogical Planner and one led by Oxford University - Phoebe. As it has turned out this was a wise move as it has been very useful because it is interesting to compare and contrast the approach the two teams have adopted and the differences in the tools produced. This work has really helped develop our understanding of learning design and as Helen said has helped “expose some of the conceptual and technical challenges and also explore the collaborative opportunities”. We then had two more interactive sessions exploring the tools. Will blog about each of these separately. The last pic is of Oleg Liber from CETIS and Lawrie Phipps from JISC proving that e-learning is fun contrary to popular belief! ;-)     

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