The ABC of academic discourse

Andy Powell picks up on the debate about blogging and academic discourse. Very relevant at the moment with respect to the research course we are running (H809) where the students are using blogs to reflect on readings and discuss things! I like his reordering of my suggestion for the role of blogging into a simple ABC:  A-academic paper, ailment B-blogging, C-conferences!! Soooo challenge for you… what about academic discourse D-Z???? ;-)

4 Responses to “The ABC of academic discourse”

  1. Karyn Romeis Says:

    Well, let’s see now:
    D is for debate/discourse
    E is for…


  2. AJ Cann Says:

    C is for coffee with colleagues (in which case, B might be for beer…). Conferences are relegated well down the alphalist.

    D is for

    F is for Facebook.

    Time to hand over the baton :-)

  3. Gráinne Says:

    Ok ok Karyn maybe A - Z is a tad much to expect! ;-)

  4. Nigel Says:

    G must be for Google

    H = hypothesis or HTML :-)

    I Inference or Invia Commento or include/inclusive

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